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Part of the process of going through a recession is rationalization. Old businesses fail and new businesses emerge. As Obama steps up his attacks on the excesses of the past decade, we will see more and more businesses complain about  “Anti-Stimulus”.

Las Vegas has recently become target number one, as many businesses cancel retreats or conferences in the city of sin. It has become unfashionable or unwise for corporations to plan trips to the city, as the increased scrutiny on spending leads to less business travel. The travel industry is really going to take it on the chin with many layoffs and reduced wages. These casino heads do have a point that recent Obama speak has been populist and damaging to their industries.

It is unfortunate that many companies are simply wasting money by canceling and rebooking trips closer to home, as the cancellation charges can be hefty (Goldman Sachs reportedly canceled a conference in Las Vegas by paying a 600,000 USD cancellation fee and then having the same conference closer to home just to avoid the evening news).

Two thoughts: will the waitress who survives on tip revenue find these developments helpful in taking care of her family, or is Las Vegas just an exaggerated example of what is wrong with America?


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February 17, 2009 at 11:26 pm

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