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Bipartisanship is dead.

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Bipartisanship is dead. With Judd Gregg withdrawing from the role of Commerce Secretary, Obama`s experiment in post-partisan Washington is officially dead. Bipartisanship only makes sense with shared ideology.

A case in point is Robert Gates. Both Obama and Gates believe that the real front on the war on terrorism is Afghanistan and both are to be commended on sharing views on this important battle. When there is a shared vision, it does not matter if you fall under the label of Democrat or Republican.  However, it is clear that there is nothing to be gained by appointing Republicans to the cabinet or compromising on legislation to try to gain “bipartisan support” if there is not a similar mindset. It simply becomes a farce for no benefit.

Obama has attempted to create a post-partisan Washington without any support to his agenda. If he were to receive votes or consensus to his mandate it would make sense. However, in receiving nothing in return, he weakens his mandate. Obama has received an overwhelming public mandate to implement new policies. He should act correspondingly.

In fact, bipartisanism makes no sense in a Republic where all three branches of government are controlled by one party. There is simply no point. The incentives are stacked against all involved.

Without shared ideology, there is no such thing as a bipartisan world. Nor should there be. Partisan politics isn`t something to be derided. It is democracy at its finest.


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February 13, 2009 at 7:25 am

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