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Cuomo coined the phrase that you “campain in poetry, but govern in prose”. Another way of saying this is that you campaign in rhetoric, but govern in reality.

Obama’s short honeymoon officially ended with Geithner’s economic announcement. Panned by the markets, it became just another example of the lack of specificity that the Obama administration has demonstrated in the many announcements since taking office. It makes me think that the transition from campaigning to governing has not been easy for Obama and his team. He must shift from campaign mode into governing. He is finding out that this isn’t too simple.

The economic announcement was not the first time Obama has mistaken campaigning for governing. He uses nuance to really muddle what he is trying to achieve. An example of this would be his job creation plans. He claims that his plans will create or save 4 million jobs. There is no way to measure job preservation. Saving a job is not the same as creating one. If unemployment stabilizes at 10%, will he claim that it could have been worse and he has saved 4 million jobs and an even worse unemployment rate from occuring? I hope not. Stopping the bleeding is important, but job creation not saving is the real key to recovery.

The reality is that time is ticking. People are losing their jobs, they are unable to pay their bills. These kitchen table issues will become a real problem for the Democrats, as Obama will not be judged over the next 4 years. Public perception will be much more immediate. With House elections in 2 years, his plans must be put in place sooner rather than later.  Announcements that lack specific plans or plans that are laced with non-commital or measurable language will leave the world wondering if there is more behind the man with the moving oratory.


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February 13, 2009 at 12:35 am

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